Other Services FAQs

The other services Maui Fresh Chef provides in addition to Personal Chef Services and Cooking Classes include: Vegan Lifestyle Coaching; complete Kitchen Pantry Rehab Service; and Menu Creation Services for your restaurant, personal chef business or home. Chef Ann-Marie wants to be sure that you get all of your questions answered so you can make an informed decision. Please submit a contact form with your details to discuss your needs.

Absolutely. Please submit a contact form with your details so Chef Ann-Marie can set up a time to discuss your unique situation. The first 30-minutes is free. The hourly rates apply after the initial consultation.

After your initial 30-minute free consultation this is an hourly service. Chef Ann-Marie has a wealth of knowledge and will shorten the learning curve. She can assist you with your health goals, specific recipes, explore the obstacles in your way and guiding you with practical information to living a plant-based lifestyle. Do you need some one-on-one guidance and support on your journey as a Vegan and eating plant-based? Are you struggling with how to create healthy meals for you and your family? This service includes looking at what is keeping you from your best health and a plan unique created for you. 30-minute free consultation to see what services would best serve you.

This a consultation service and the services are designed after the initial consultation. This is a full service plan and it will include cooking classes, learning to shop for a plant-based diet and stocking your kitchen with the tools and supplies you need for your kitchen. There are so many confusing messages on what a plant-based diet is and if you are “all in” shorten the learning curve and dive deep. Knowledge is power and taking your health into your hands is the first step to optimum health. This is a high-end service and will include multiple levels of consulting. It will require additional purchases of ingredients and tools for your kitchen. If you are not ready to commit fully then the Vegan Lifestyle Coaching may be a better match. 30-minute free consultation to see what services would best serve you.

Services include: Recipe Development, Menu Creation for your Restaurant, Staff Training for your Home or Restaurant and Private Chef Consulting Services. This is for the chef or home cook who is frustrated with the other options. It’s a lot of work trying to create come up with new meal ideas and create a variety to keep you and your family or clients excited about what they are eating. Are you a personal chef and want to incorporate more plant-based offerings but are not clear on how to do that? This service is for you if you are new to the plant-based cooking world and need some guidance in creating menus for your family or clients. People who are living the plant-based lifestyle want to enjoy food with friends and family and have options when eating out or hiring a personal chef. And when you are eating at home you want to give you and your family the greatest chance for success with variety and choices. These services are available on Maui and worldwide both in-person and online.

Chef Ann-Marie has been cooking most of her life. She was raised by a mother who believed food is your greatest medicine. Food is always evolving and the way each of us looks at food should also evolve. Chef Ann-Marie not only has a passion for food and its gifts, but believes that each of us can live our best life if we use the intuition each of us has within to empower the life we have been given. Chef Ann-Marie has been living on Maui for almost two decades and having access to fresh locally sourced ingredients has inspired and empowered her to continue to explore the power of food in each of our lives. She has been a private chef on Maui for over 13 years and it has become clearer and clearer to her that giving people the tools to make better choices is the path she is moving towards.

Please see the “Pricing” tab for more information. Vegan Lifestyle Coaching begins at $100 per hour. There is no minimum. If you are a restaurant owner or chef there is $150 per hour charge or price per project. Kitchen Pantry Rehab Services start at $4000. Please fill out the Contact Form to set up your initial free consultation.

Vegan Culinary Lifestyle Services are not limited to Maui, Hawaii. Chef Ann-Marie will travel to your home or business. Travel costs to be determined in advance.

  • Don’t have time to do the research on your own
  • Shorten learning curve which creates efficiency and success in a shorter amount of time
  • Cookie cutter trainings and general information no longer serve you
  • Customized services are designed for you and you will get the results you are looking for in a shorter amount of time
  • If you are a trained chef and have the techniques but do not want to take general classes but need specific guidance
  • You are transitioning your home into plant-based and have a cook who needs some guidance on creating menus for you and your family
  • You are frustrated and need some specific questions answered
  • You love cooking but need some inspiration and want the joy back in your kitchen
  • You want a plant-based inspired menu designed for your restaurant
  • You are starting your plant-based journey and need a complete Kitchen Rehab 

After the initial free consultation the hourly rate applies. Hourly consulting is paid up front. If you are signing up for a project there is a 50% deposit paid in advance. The next 50% will be paid halfway through the project. Maui Fresh Chef accepts Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Venmo and PayPal.

Hourly consultations will be designed for you and your needs.  Projects will be clearly defined and written expectations will be signed by both parties what is and is not included.  Mahalo.

Hourly consultations have a 24-hour cancellation policy.