Personal Chef Services, Cooking Classes & Vegan Lifestyle Services

Always Fresh, Always Delicious & Always with Aloha

Dining at Home, Private Cooking Classes & Plant-Based Culinary Services

Personal Chef Services, Cooking Classes & Vegan Lifestyle Services

Always Fresh, Always Delicious & Always with Aloha

Dining at Home, Private Cooking Classes & Plant-Based Culinary Services

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Aloha and welcome to my company, Maui Fresh Chef. My name is Ann-Marie and I hope you have found yourself here because of your love and appreciation of food. Maybe you are looking to have someone cook meals for you while you are on Maui, or you desire to learn something new to grow your awareness about the possibilities of plant-based eating or you have other culinary curiosities that I can help you with.

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Enjoy Maui Fresh Meals in the Comfort of Your Home or Villa

Since 2008, Maui Fresh Chef has provided in-home chef services and private cooking classes on Maui. We now specialize in plant-based island fresh cuisine. We create meals for you and your guests to savor. Leave the shopping, planning and preparation to us so you can have the vacation you imagined with your family and friends.

Here on Maui we have access to some of the freshest ingredients available. The farmer’s market in Kula has an abundance of locally sourced produce and products on Maui. Inspired by the farmers who grow and harvest the food, Chef Ann-Marie incorporates the ingredients she sources into each and every one of her recipes and meals she creates. Fresh Maui macadamia nuts, local wasabi, shiso and micro basil greens, baby red and green romaine lettuce, lilikoi (passionfruit), Maui mangoes, juicy local lemons, Kula strawberries, arugula, sweet basil and ripe tomatoes are her favorites.

When you are here on Maui we want you to spend your time enjoying everything the Valley Isle offers. Return to your villa to appreciate the view, spend valuable time with your family and share a meal with your guests. Our discerning clients cherish the in-home dining experience because it’s intimate, created uniquely for them and of the highest quality.

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Private Cooking Classes and Multi-Day Experiences

If you imagine eating well while still being health-conscious, come spend a day or longer learning alongside Chef Ann-Marie. Take a tour of the local farmer’s market, learn about the local produce and create a meal from scratch. All classes and culinary-experiences are customized for your exact needs. Each of Chef Ann-Marie’s recipes have been developed over decades after cooking thousands of meals.

During the past year one of Chef Ann-Marie’s inspirations has been to adapt more and more items into delicious plant-based creations. It’s not only about following a recipe, it’s about how to think creatively in the kitchen and have a process to create delicious meals for yourself, your family and friends. Learn how to use ginger and lemongrass, how to create raw crusts from macadamia nuts and dates, and learn to make creamy sauces and dressings from scratch. Did you ever wonder how to make delicious baked goods without eggs, butter or dairy? Let Chef Ann-Marie show you how to be more efficient in your own kitchen so you can create dishes that wow your taste buds.

Maui Fresh Chef LLC

Vegan Culinary Lifestyle Services

For over 30 years Chef Ann-Marie has been following a vegetarian diet. In the past decade she has been exploring vegan fusion cuisine and she has been trained in vegan and raw food preparation. During her travels to Indonesia she has learned from some of the best global chefs and on her own culinary journey she recognizes the need for inspiration, guidance and support in being successful in living the vegan lifestyle. We are in this together.

Consulting services include a step-by-step custom plan to support you in your transition to becoming vegan or leverage what you already know to elevate your skills. What tools do you need for your kitchen? What ingredients will you need to be successful in your transition to a plant-based lifestyle? Do you want your children and family to be on this journey with you? We will create a plan and explore the mindset you need in order to succeed. Learn recipe creation and execution. Have fun creating menus for you and your family. These services are available on Maui and worldwide both in-person and online.

Maui Fresh Chef Testimonials

We are so appreciative of your talents and all of your hard work. It’s obvious you love what you do! Every single creation was delicious. Your presentation of each item was over the top! It was a pleasure to work with you. I also appreciated your patience and spot on advice on selecting menu items for our family.

Deb W.

I wanted to follow up and tell you how much we enjoyed Ann-Marie’s cooking. She did an excellent job for both the adults and kids. Everyone was very impressed. Definitely keep recommending her to your guests at homes. Given the difficulty in getting into restaurants in Maui right now, I would recommend sending an email when people book their homes to let them know you have private chefs available and potentially link to their menus online.

Jordan C.

Good Morning Ann-Marie

I just wanted to let you know what a great job you did cooking dinner for my family last night. The food was off the hook good! You have creative ingredients with great flavor profiles!

Excellent side dishes that complimented the main dish too and of course the desserts! Carolyn tried that carrot cake and she looked at me and said,’ this is one of the best carrot cakes she has ever tasted, I ordered the cake for my daughter Christine who will dig into that today.

Again, thank you for doing what you do! You gave my family a great memory. My daughter-in-law, Alyssa told me that I was spoiling her! She is right I am!
Thank you again.

John W.

Your cuisine is FANTASTIC. You were certainly born a CHEF and a culinary artist, and very talented too. I have raved about you and your culinary talents…you set the bar with what you made for our party, and, after that, nothing on the island was as good as yours. So, in essence, you spoiled us (which we loved, of course).

Marilyn D. (Pacifica, CA)

I wanted to let you know how much fun we had cooking with you! You taught us some very valuable lessons-thank you for everything. We made the cilantro lime tacos (they turned out just prefect). The carrot ginger coconut soup (sooo good) and the dessert (of course). I wanted to reach out again to say thank you, thank you, thank you.

Jen and Travis (Phoenix, AZ)

Aloha Ann-Marie…just want to say thank you again for last night…everything was amazing and we all enjoyed it…rave reviews from everyone!  So nice to meet you.  Thanks again.

Terryl H.

Ann-Marie cooks with LOVE and whatever she prepares is delicious. I have enjoyed her cooking for 18-years and delight in seeing her joy in life which is infused into everything she does.

Marjorie T.

We have used personal chef Ann-Marie on two different occasions on Maui, and hope to have her cook for us every time we are on the island.  Ann-Marie's food is some of the best we have ever had, anywhere in the world.  The ingredients are fresh and the flavors are spectacular.  To get healthy and delicious is a rare combination.  And don't get me started on her baked goods! Outrageous.  We can't wait for our next trip to Maui and Ann-Marie's delicious cuisine. 

The Bermans

The total experience was awesome.  Ann-Marie was amazing - professional, engaging and fun!  We had problems with the stove/oven in our rental condo and she kept her cool through it all and somehow made it work.  Everything was delicious from our appetizers through dessert!

Margie McCauley

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