Personal Chef Services FAQs

As an exclusive private chef in Maui, Chef Ann-Marie wants to be sure you get your questions answered so you can make an informed decision.

Absolutely. Please free to call or email so we can set up a time to discuss your needs. It’s very important to me that you get your specific needs met. Every meal and experience is customized and personalized.

Chef Ann-Marie has lived on Maui for over 19 years. Maui Fresh Chef has been in business since 2008. She has been cooking for high-end clientele for over 13 years. She loves sourcing local ingredients and creating menus for your family and guests. She is flexible and wants to create an experience uniquely yours while you are in Maui.

I have a set rate for a chef dinner but there are extra charges based on number of people, location on island and services requested. Please see PRICING:

After your specific requests are made you , will be sent a detailed pricing invoice that includes all charges, taxes, assistant charges and any other special services or extras you request. Because every situation is different the final cost will depend on the number of people in your party and the variety of services you’re interested in. Please email form with your details or call for an estimate.

A Personal Chef is a chef that comes to your home, condo or villa to prepare delicious meals and serve them or will deliver them to your home. There are a variety of services  offered. There are times you want to celebrate with friends and family and there are times you just want the food to enjoy at your leisure.
As your Personal Chef we will go over your dietary restrictions and assess what you need. We will create the customized menu together. I have many menus for you to choose form.
I do all the grocery shopping. I prepare the sauces and as much as possible before coming to you. If you are doing a full service dinner I finish preparing the meal and then serve it. If there are more than 5 guests I hire my chef assistant for the evening. I use as much of my own equipment as possible. The dishes and cutlery are usually available in the home or condo and I use those when possible. The table is set, there is typically a casual appetizer hour and then the meal is served starting with the soup or salad . The table is cleared and the kitchen is clean like I was never there.
If you are looking for more of a prepared meal service I will create the meals as fresh as possible for you to eat and enjoy at your leisure. I will go over any instructions necessary.
A Personal Chef is different from a Private Chef. A Private Chef usually only provides their service to one individual or family. A Personal Chef provides services for more than one family or group. I have serviced many clients over the years and have many repeat clients who have been with me for nearly 13 years. I have cooked for couples, families as well as for retreat and company groups.

Maui Fresh Chef is a Personal Chef Service serving communities throughout Maui. I will consider going to Lanai and other neighboring islands. These will be a per case basis and pricing will depend on services and timing requirements.

A Personal Chef while you are on vacation is a perfect choice for those that want the convenience of being able to host your family and guests in the comfort of your condo or villa and enjoy the amazing place you rented.  Its a very intimate experience and families appreciate the privacy. If you are a Maui resident and want a unique dining experience instead of going out this is a special gift you can offer to your family and friends. If you desire to eat healthier and at the same time enjoy a dining experience a Personal Chef dinner is a great option. This is quality, healthy, fresh and delicious plant-based vegan cuisine without having to shop, prep, cook and then clean up. It’s also a great option when you have a larger group and want an intimate dining experience without having to go to a restaurant.

  • Fresh Locally Sourced Ingredients
  • Comfort of your Own Villa or Condo
  • Large group that included children and way more convenient option to stay in
  • You have unique dietary requirements
  • Enjoy home cooked food without having to do the shopping or cooking
  • Appreciate a customized service uniquely created for you and your guests

I usually arrive approximately two hours before your appetizer and dinner service begins. The entire experience usually lasts five hours from beginning to end.

It depends how many meals you request. Most of the time it is fresh and ready to eat if it is just one meal. If you have more than one meal you will heat the food at your leisure. Instructions will be provided.

If you are requesting more than one meal I will have containers that you can keep. There is a small charge if there are multiple meals with many dishes and sauces.

Yes. During the initial assessment, we’ll discuss your dietary needs and preferences and a custom menu will be provided.

Yes. A 50% deposit is required. The final amount is due at the end of the meal. If you book multiple meal services the final amount is due on the first meal of service. For Front Door Service the full amount is taken at booking. If it’s more than 30-days I take a 50% deposit and then the final amount is due 14-days before the service. MC, Visa, AM EX, Discover, Venmo and PayPal are accepted.

Just like in a restaurant you can include a gratuity at your discretion. Clients typically tip on the FULL bill. This is much appreciated. If you are a group of 6 or more a 20% automatic gratuity is added. If you are receiving Front Door Service you can choose to give a tip or not.  Rest assured the same amount of love and care goes into every meal and service.

I shop for food as if I were shopping for myself. I source at the local farmers’ markets and local stores whenever possible. I use local organic ingredients whenever possible. I include the cost of the food in the pricing. Food plus hourly rate is a different type of service and food is additional.

I include my time for meal planning, personalized menu creation, shopping, travel, set-up, appetizer hour, table service, clean-up and taxes. And the cost of an assistant if required. I usually include 2 appetizers/starters, salad, main course, vegetable side, starch side and dessert. Please keep in mind I do like to keep my clients happy so will work with you if something else appeals to you. Usually all guests eat the same menu. However, if there are special requests and children I will customize as required. I try not to charge extra unless there are many extra requests. You will receive an invoice with the full break down before a deposit is accepted.  I charge an extra fee for Upcountry and the West Side of Maui @$50
For the Front Door Service I reduce the total cost for the number of hours required. However, you get the same food minus the table service. However, with this service you can order however many dishes you want and I will price it accordingly. It is slightly less expensive than a full service meal if you have many guests because you are serving yourselves. I charge an extra fee for Upcountry and the West Side of Maui @$50. Each meal is customized based on the dietary needs and requests of the client, which typically does not happen at a restaurant. With the Personal Chef Service, you will have delicious food that has been prepared specifically for your palate and requirements, and eat it in the comfort of your own home without having to drive anywhere. You’ll also know that the meals are made from the freshest ingredients that were specifically sourced for you and your family.

Yes. Maui Fresh Chef Gif Certificates are available and perfect for a wedding gift, Christmas Gift, surprise birthday or anniversary gift.

30-day cancellation policy.